What to Expect?

LBC is a church family that provides a place to belong for all people of all walks of life. We have those who dress up for church and those who show up in blue jeans and a t-shirt because they are going to another activity after service.

Our church family is just that ... a family ... come to our church just as you would your family home to talk and gather with your parents. We are here to worship God. Not to have a fashion show. Although, we have had a few of those :)

Kids and people of all ages are welcome. We strive to make a place for every person to seek the Lord Jesus Christ as we worship together.

SonDay FunDay for kids and youth last about an hour. The Worship service lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. Our music is blended, meaning that we have both the old hymns and contemporary music, as a part of our church services.